A lovely spring walk

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Last week we could already enjoy some tentatively nice spring days in London and we saw nature waking up after winter. See the crocusses from London here. But despite some cooler days last week and a freezing night, spring is truly starting in Belgium too and the crocusses in the park around the corner proof it!

After a rainy morning the sun broke through the sky this afternoon inviting us for a great walk outdoors.
One of Flanders biggest forests (still dating after the ice ages!) : Meerdaalwoud with Heverleebos starts at about 2 kms from our house and that's where we headed.

the sun shining through the trees and the majestic long lanes

Light at the end of the tunnel , under the E40 highway which splits the forest.

We noticed some animals woken up from their winter sleep...

and other strange creatures such as Asian university students with a pink hat and reindeer antlers sticking out. WTF?

University buildings at the edge of the city in Heverlee

Kajaks on the Dijle

The castle park of Arenbergh in Heverlee


Tara R. said…
Lovely photos for this week. I really like the trees and light shots.
Melissa said…
wonderful photos! What a lovely spring day :)
Nice set. I really like the tree shots.

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