The Eurovision songcontest final in 2009

I've not seen any of the semi-finals this year, so I can watch this final with a "fresh" look. In the mean time the Belgian candidate stranded in the semi-final already. I'm not surprised: I've listened to it on youtube to know what we were sending and didn't bother to listen to the end. This year Wallonia could send an artist and hence there's not been a big Flemish preselection series catches all the media attention.
However a Flemish girl from Turkish descent Hadise, a bigger star in Turkey than in Belgium is representing Turkey. And all the Flemish media follow her on her tail as well and cheering for her. It's almost as if they must mention the Belgian artist out of obligation but then quickly and gladly move on to talk about Hadise.

I'm home alone tonight (Jan celebrates his stag party tonight) so I'll amuse myself by sharing my random thoughts as they come by. That's probably more fun to do than to read...Oh well, too bad for you guys. Too bad for Jan for not being able to see it ;)...I'm sure he truly misses it. Hehe.

  • Lithuania: an honest (non overloaded with crazy kitch) ballad...but I don't like ballads very much.
  • Israel: a song with a message for peace. Quite repetitive, not the nicest melody. The 2 singers look quite sympathetic girls. Hopefully they can convince their region!
  • France: Patricia Kaas, a French star who dares to join this mad circus. How courageous. Simply performing her song alone on the huge stage: "less is more". Aaah French chanson in its best tradition. It makes me wanna grab a glass of red wine and close my eyes and relax. Not sure if this is a song for a televoting contest though but it brings quality music.

    huh weird bow at the end.
  • Sweden: Opera with a beat. A blond babe with a white dress in front of a bright white background as if she must represent an angel.
  • Kroatia: he's named a young Julio Eglesias ....and yes I can totally hear Julio starting this song when I close my eyes. The boy needs a bigger fake tan though if he wants to be Julio all the way :p. I think he has a stronger voice though than Julio. It turns more and more into opera at the end.

Intermediate note: 5 songs and no mad circus kitch situations yet? Hmm am I watching the right festival? Is this about singing again?

  • Portugal: the title sounds a bit like Fleur d'Elise , the restaurant that has been closed last Thursday :p . Are those costumes supposed to be folkloric or doll impressions? Hmm lots of colors and flowers and rainbows projected in the background. Sounds like a group that could go perform in kindergardens and elementary schools.
    Her voice seems a bit weak now and then.
  • Iceland: long eyelashes in that very close-up! Well I suppose it's approriate if the song is about eyes.
    Pffff boring, too nice and too dreamy. It lacks character. They should have asked Björk to coach them a bit to spice it up. Ah they are listening, it's speeding up a bit. Too late to convince me.
  • Greece: oh come on, stop grabbing your crotch. You're not Michael Jackson ok? This must be one of the 60% gay performers for sure. Stop overacting.
    Oh that sideways slide is kinde cool.
    oh and that leaning forward that's stolen from Michael Jackson too.
  • Armenia : A song with the name "Jan Jan" . Oh now I'm interested!
    A few dansers doing some kind of Shiva on some etnic tune.

    Weird weird, a bit of ethnic, a bit of dance, weird folkoric costumes, a choreagraphy that akes me think of mythical monsters. Ooh now they turn around likesome derwisjes.

    I'm intrigued :p
  • Russia: did she simply put a sheet with an elastic on? Really? Like those towels under which you can get changed??? Maybe she'll pull it off later on as a big suprise and reveal a stunning dress. For once I am hoping for such a cheap show trick!

    She looks so pale like a pierrot without the rolling tear painted on her cheek. She screams! Yikes. And now she pretends to be crying anyway, while some portrait projected behind her shows her hair being grey as an old sad lady.

    I think this would suit better in a theatre with a story. But I don't get the story. Why bring it here????? And she really didn't pull her sheet off , so that truly was her dress. My gosh. Pff no winner for sure.
  • Azerbaijan: catchy rhythm and tune. Not special or original but happy and it gets my foot ticking along. I'll probably be forgotten it in a minute though. Miniskirts in front that have anckle long tips in the back is so oldfashioned by the way!
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina: oooh there's some marching drummers in the background. With the costumes this seems to belong in some dramatic costume musical!
  • Moldavia: ooooh very very ethnic. I close my eyes and see a shephards girl chanting out over the glowing hills.
    Oooh it changes....coo-hool this sounds a bit like Shantel. The gypsy trumpets, the rhythm.
    ok gone again. And back, jump jump jump.

    Pff song with very ups and very downs :). Let's cut it in half and throw away the rest ;)
  • Malta: the reporters must repeat again that the composer is a Belgian...A composer who has sent already some very unsuccesful Belgian songs to the contest before :). Oh but our Flemish proud needs this straw to pretend we are still participating a little bit, right.

    Once again a singer in front of the microphone bringing the song without unnecessary show or glitter. Seems like tonight isn't going to be the eurovision kitch festival after all. Cool.

    Not that I am overly fond of this song but I like the fact that the focus seems to be back on the songs and singing. It's a bit oldfashioned.
  • Estonia: euh sorry, got distracted.
  • Denmark: oh no not that kind of ballad again, I don't like that. So Ronan Keating has partly written this huh? Yep, I can imagine so. Phew, it speeds up a bit.
    hmm yes yes, the better boysband work. I can see teenage girls loving this. I can imagine this being on the radio frequently. And I'd probably change channels.
  • Germany: A guy in silver glittering tights, black open shirt and big necklaces. This must be part of the 60% gay performaners too. No no we don't want the kitch anymore. Yikes he's scary to watch.

    Some swing show elements. Huh is this really Dita Von Teese in painful tight corset parading by now? Oh it is too!
  • Belgium....Oh no sorry, Turkey. We'd almost forget she's not participating for Belgium.
    My gosh so much cheering in the stade. I don't like the many high shreeks in this song and the loudly shouted DUM TEK TEK. Half of the time it sounds more like screaming than singing. I like the energy level in this song, I like the dancing, ... but I really believe Hadise can sing better than this. Then again her belly dancing is attractive.

    It's one of the better acts. This song shouldn't win though, I am sorry to say. She doesn't "sing" enough. And yet I bet Belgium will give 12 points to Turkey. 100% sure.

  • Albania: Such a tiny ballerina type girl with an amazing low voice.
    Pfff is it still going on?

  • Norway: aaah the favourite for tonight. I've seen it on You tube already and it's not bad. Lots of cheering indeed when he comes on.

    3rd time I hear this and it's in my head already. I guess that's a good sign. Cute boy, cute fiddling and my foot is ticking. After a while the fiddling might become annoying though. I wouldn't be upset if it wins.

Sidenote: Presentors don't need to shout in order to look enthousiastic. Can anyone tell those Russians that, please?

  • Ukraine: eeek, ugly. Big metal circles with hardly dressed metal soldiars dancing in and on it. Square techno music.
    Isn't there a familiar tune in the background?

    Is it possible this song gets better the longer you hear it or should I worry about my own taste? Wow weird.
  • Romania: drums drums. And a bunch of boobs that want to pop out of the dresses.
    Pff song collapse already like a soufflé taken out to soon as soon as the drums start.

    Where's the forward button???
  • UK: I'm curious, this is the song written by Andrew Lloyd Webber.
    A very classical song with 4 smoking violists and sir Webber himself at the piano. A girl with a very good voice, wow, impressive. Yep she can surely sing.
    This is quality....but not my style. A bit oldfashioned I fear. Although...I don't know. It's refreshing to hear such a voice.
  • Finland: Dance-rap. The type we Belgians are so good at. Very commercial, high hit potential.
    I'm already singing along, quite predictable. If they'd play that at 3 AM on a party, I would stay on the dance floor.
  • Spain: very eurovision. Energetic and lots of choreography. This could have been in the 80ies versions of the eurovision contest as well.
    Horrendous make-up and stupid ice skating outfit.

So televoting is going on. And to counter the eastern European "bloc voting" , the professional jurys have been reintroduced today. their votes count for 50% of the points. In an edition were singing is more central than the previous years, that could be very interesting!

And the votes from the Belgian jury: Twelve points for Turkey....I told you so , I told you so, I told you so!!!

After only 8 out of 42 countries voting , Norway has already double as much points as the second one. I guess I can go to bed now...Norway is winning as predicted. It's rare that the favourites in the media win, but I think tonight that's the case.

(half awake....too many countries that need to give points)

So Norway won. Sleep well!


Lilacspecs said…
I was sort of happy how it came out...I liked Norway and I thoguht Iceland had a pretty song. I'm glad that cheesy lights and pyrotechnics didn't win.
anno said…
Someday, I have GOT to see this...

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