Cars, bikinis, tennis and other thoughts

Huh it's Friday? where did this week go? help I lost a couple of days on the way here!

Here's a round of quick random babbling. Care to join in in the comments? What's happening in your life?

My car is almost 4 years old so it had to go to the vehicle inspection. I had never done this before so just before I intended to go I researched the internet what it was all about. I didn't want to look like a girl that shows up not having a clue what it's really about...while in fact I am truly just a girl that has no clue what that inspection is about.

  • "Car needs to be in business temperature" Huh? Yeah sure.
  • "Seat belts need to be clicked in"...ok, can do that. But why?
  • "Car tires need to be the correct pressure"....oh darn, never checked that myself before. My tires were one year old...would they still have the correct pressure? I already pictured getting a lecture for driving around with wrong tire pressure. Shoot.
    But what was that little gadget thingie laying in my glove compartment? Ha a Bridgestone gadget to check your tire pressure. I'm sure my employer has given that to us one time.
    So after some staring at the gadget, some staring at my tires, I figured it out and it was dead dead simple to check the tire pressure. Wooot woot, I rock
  • At the inspection I was the only woman around....the only one! And I must have stuck out while standing waiting while eating a sandwich as 4 people walked up to me to wish me a tastefull lunch....Belgians usually don't comment to strangers very easily so I thought it was remarkable.
  • Then I figured I had to add some more femininity to the place and I started vigorously filing my nails while waiting.
I need to choose a new car which causes a lot of dilemmas. I hate dilemmas of choice.


My bikini closing broke last night. Fortunately we were setting up for a night dive at dusk: lots of privacy in the darkness :).
Now I wonder if it is worthwhile buying a new plastic closure and trying to sew it myself or whether that is choosing failure since I am totally sewing illiterate?


Don't let someone navigate who forgot to put his lenzes in unless you're up for some turning around :).


Did you hear the news that Justine Henin is returning to professional tennis again? So after Kim Clijsters's successful comeback we are now looking forward to a new healthy competition between the 2 Belgian ex-number one players. :)


I wonder if we look weird if we all walk into the pub/restaurant late at night each with wet hair and black binders in which we enthousiastically start scribbling as soon as we sit down after which we pass them around for signatures and stamps?


After last year's tirade why I hate fall (which is getting googled so often!), I can add to it that I don't hate fall as much if it's a nice Indian summer that we are living after an already good summer ;). Although it is rather chilly in the mornings but that can be solved by a good cup of coffee.


Michael Connely's "The Poet" is a good detective to read!

A bird has flown into the window at my office this week leaving a big shit trail on the window. Darn the window washers won't come by in the first couple of months I fear and I can't reach myself. Maybe I should wish for some strong rain with northern wind? At night if I can choose.


Luisa Perkins said…
Business temperature? Hmmmm.

I think it is worth buying a new bikini closure, if you can find one. That's not a very difficult sewing job. You can do it!
Virtualsprite said…
I'm with Luisa. Sewing is not as hard as it looks and I'm pretty sure you can do anything you put your mind to.
I'm sewing illiterate, too, but I'd echo Luisa and Virtual. I know I could handle that. Heck, you handle re-doing your house!!!

And yes, you all DO look weird walking into the pub with wet hair and your binders. ;-)

My week has been about "fixing" Shakespeare. Well, not Shakespeare, but my course.
Shan said…
Sewing is not my thing. I would totally muck it up.
Goofball said…
yeaaah I just finished sewing a new bikini closing to the top. Don't look at the stiches closeby as they're not aesthetically aligned...but it's closing again and it has cost me 1,25€ :)
Brian Miller said…
michael connely is a great writer. i hate to admit this but i cant work on cars...a stain on my manhood maybe? lol.
Jenn said…
You could always just buy a new bikini....

I'd love that tennis match


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