Made in Belgium: dEUS

In the last year of high school our class was a bit divided into 2 groups: a group that attended a lot of parties, was listening to rock music (Metallica, Faith no More, NiN, ...) and was dressed in batik shirts, black tight jeans and high combat shoes. I guess I belonged more tot the softies who put studying on the top of their priorities, listened only to commercial hits (which was more dance music).

I remember having danced to 'Suds & Soda' on parties but I hardly knew who dEUS was and what their music was. This Antwerp rock band remained hidden to me until I got a rock compilation CD a few days later and at that moment I fell in love with 'Little Arithmetics'.

Suds & Soda - 1994 - finger in the air, head banging and let's partyyyyy

Little Arithmetics - 1997

The Architect - 2008


Lilacspecs said…
Ouch. I listened to those first groups and graduated close to the top of my class!
Goofball said…
@lilacspecs: oh I didn't mean to imply in any way that the first group didn't get top grades. They did too, our entire class did. But they had a more relax attitude about studying, whereas the others always felt that they had too much work left to go out very much.
Brian Miller said…
nice. i loved it...i was part of the former crowd all dressed in black, head bangin'...yep that was me.
Poetikat said…
Hey! I really loved "The Architect" song and video. I've never heard of the band before, but that was a great song. I'm not too much into headbanging sort of music (as you can guess), but I did love the group, "The Cult" back in the 80s.

Will be coming back to listen to The Architect next time I visit. It's catchy and stays in your head.


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