Goofball jokes

Sometimes I'm tired enough to crack up over the silliest jokes and enjoy them for the remainder of the evening. You're a goofball or not I suppose.

Tonight this joke was part of a popular tv quiz : you had to fill in the last word and I was actively participating, guessed the word and then started laughing and laughing. :p

A Belgian, Dutch & French guy were in front of the firing squad.
They tried to escape by creating chaos & confusion.

The Belgian all of a sudden yelled "Tsunami". His tactic worked and while the squad turned around he managed to escape.
"Tornado" yelled the French guy....he too escaped.
And then the Dutch yelled...


Several weeks ago I heard this on tv in another hyped quiz

"Five elephants are under an umbrella. The umbrella is way too small for them all. Yet the elephants aren't getting wet. How is that possible? "
"It's not raining"

ok ok I know it's lame, but you should have seen Sien Eggers telling this joke. It's marked in all the newspapers as one of the best one-liners. It was totally hilarious.


Kat Mortensen said…
The first one was a groaner. I liked the elephant joke.

Jenn said…
I loved the first one. Ha ha ha!

Anonymous said…
Je hebt gelijk... als je het Sien zag vertellen... super! Ik lag ook plat van het lachen :-D

rozebril said…
Sien is hilarisch! Die keer dat ze dat nummer van Kate Bush lieten horen en dat Sien verderzingt als het stopt... gieren en brullen van het lachen is dat!
Brian Miller said…
lol. thanks for the chuckle...
Unknown said…
I thought it was funny, my dad knew it right away

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