Made in Belgium: Bob Davidse

This morning we woke up with the news that "Uncle Bob" as he's known here had passed away. Uncle Bob is a Flemish television icon that has presented & produced children tv programs for 3 decades. His guitar lesson books gave him the name to have taught the people how to play the guitar. I might add to that he has also taught at least 5 generation of children how to sing. His songs have become part of our culture and will surely continue to live on and on.

This is Bob Davidse last time on stage in Antwerp last summer on a huge sing-along event, bringing his own well known "Vrolijke Vrienden"

Vrolijke Vrienden "Antwerpen zingt 2009"

Vrolijke vrienden - adopted by new generations

Intro Klein klein kleutertje...I think I've seen the rebroadcast of this as a baby

Intro Carolientje....Once again I watched a rebroadcast of Carolientje when I was a kid. I absolutely loved it!


jokemijn said…
carolientje, die zat heel erg ver in mijn geheugen, fijn nostalgisch :)

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