Made in Belgium: A Brand

In all honesty I had never realised that A Brand is a Belgian group if they hadn't been top of the bill of the Marktrock festival in Leuven, which had an all Belgian edition last summer. It's only after this summer that I started to pay attention when I heard them on the radio. And apparently I already knew several songs/hits from then although not very consciously.

Hammerhead - 2006

Time - 2008

Mad love sweet love - 2009


Poetikat said…
Hey Goofball! I still haven't made it to the ranks of your "Other Favourite Blogs" in the sidebar. ha ha.

I liked the top video, but not the closeups of the guy's teeth!

Betsy said…
I liked all three of these even though I'd only ever heard the first one before. Thanks! :-)

Did you get your Best of Belgian Music CD from Humo yet? I looked on their website but didn't see anything about it.
Goofball said…
@Betsy: yes yes, we have the 4 CD's! We have a Humo subscription :)

Honestly, there's a bunch of songs on them that A) I didn't know B) I didn't know they were Belgian
Brian Miller said…
nice. was unfamiliar with most of there, but great listens today. smiles.

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