Oops there are no more Belgians

Since the first of January 2009 Belgian has no official population anymore. No really, I'm not kidding! The Belgians have disappeared and nobody noticed. The customs had not even noticed we were still illegally carrying our old passports!

When I read this article last week I thought "only in Belgium :p" . So apparently there was a conflict between the department Statistics of the Ministry of Economics and the privacy commission who opposed them getting access to more data.

And as a result there's no more population statistics available since 1/2009. Pretty annoying for the growing cities who get subsidies based on their population statistics which now remain in the 2008 status :D.

But don't worry, the conflict would be solved and there would 'soon' be statistics again. Pheww. I hope they don't count us wrong.


Virtualsprite said…
That's pretty funny. It's amazing the stuff that happens in government.
Brian Miller said…
lol. leave it to government...

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