Thought waiting queues

So my body isn't taking this unusual winter with recurring snowfall and cold waves very well (we call it a cold wave as soon the temps stayed below zero for 5 nights & 3 days) and it has gifted me another cold. So since Sunday evening I'm an effective snot producing machine again. I hope I still have antibodies left after last month's cold of the century to prevent me from the worst.

Anyway, I went to bed at time full of drugs in order to free my nose and ensure I'd sleep well. After all, I do need my sleep now right?

...and then I wake up at 2 AM with clear airways, breathing freely in and out through my nose just lovely. And an instant later my brain realises no longer being clogged up with snot and all of a sudden releases all the thoughts that seem to have been piled up in a snot queue for this moment. All the planning, to do's, ... that I hadn't completed in the evening because of my fatigue & cold all of a sudden take the rare opportunity to demand my attention . Ugh. That happened to me last time as well! Very strange to get those clear moments in the middle of the night.

Fortunately I managed to ignore them all rather quickly, turn around and doze off again. And now we're ready to tackle the day with help of nose spray and tissues :)


rozebril said…
Misschien moet jij je eens een potje vitaminesupplementen aanschaffen :-)?
Veel beterschap!

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