Yesterday Caminhando brought our first of 2 annual concerts (ok numerous smaller activities and public performances not included). Our concerts are truly the highlight of the year with the selection of good project for our fund raiser in the summer , the choice of a theme, ongoing work groups for promotion, song & content selection, the reception, the decorations, ...

This year the concerts are a duo organisation with a Congolese choir. Their repertoire is quite complementary to the world music we tend to bring. The different cultural attitude towards organisation is sometimes apparent & funny though...or frustrating if you are trying to get some decisions made :p.

But it was good fun yesterday. We had not heard all of their songs yet but they sure can swing. And those African screams that get launched now and then...well we try to imitate that sometimes but we'll always be poor imitators.

And I dare to bet that their conductor has a spring in his body given the elasticity he moves up & down while conducting.

After the concert we were welcomed by a big buffet of food that we were asked to lign up for. After some quick reshuffling we managed to give all train travellers a place in the present cars so they could stay as well while missing their last train back.

With a fully filled car we drove back after a statisfying day in Namur. You know you are part of a 'solidarity choir' if you then notice a broken down car beside the road getting ready to be towed away and you recognize it and you turn out to be the 5th choir car that has stopped to offer help :p.

So one more rehearsal and we are ready for the concert in Leuven next weekend. Vive!


Virtualsprite said…
What fun! We had our last symphony concert of the season last night and it's always bittersweet. So glad your concert was a success!
Brian Miller said…
woohoo! have fun!

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