Made in Belgium: Vaya Con Dios

One of the most succesful Belgian bands ever is Vaya Con Dios. They had some hits when I was a child and their warm sound influenced by jazz & gipsy music was really contagious for young and old. Just listen to Puerto Rico and I promise you will sing it for the rest of the day!

Their biggest international hits were scored in the beginning of the nineties with "What's a woman" that's always going to stand the test of time. It was on top of the charts in Belgium and surrounding countries for weeks. It still gives me chills when I hear it and it's probably one of the first slows I have ever danced on.
Funny (or painful) that it was also one of the most used opening dances on Belgian weddings. Haha clearly I'm not the only one who grew up with English music around , without understanding the lyrics and when growing up ...still not being used to pay true attention to the lyrics. Gosh , can you imagine you get married to such a text?

In the mid-nineties I've seen Dani Klein perform as a guest performer at Night of the Proms. Trust me: she's got flair on stage and gosh...what a voice, what a voice!

It was a disappointment to hear in 1996 that Vaya Con Dios stopped because Dani had lost the joy of the band and wanted to flee all the pressure & commercial circus. It was a loss for the Belgian music scene.

But...they came back in 2004. On a smaller scale, more in the background but still good.

Puerto Rico - 1986

What's a woman - 1990

Nah neh nah - 1990

Pauvre Diable - 2006

Les voiliers sauvages de nos vies - 2009


Brian Miller said…
it really is beautiful music...

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