Singing for the street children in Santa Cruz

Today we had our choir concert in Leuven in order to support VIVE , an organization in Santa Cruz Bolivia who helps street children. Here's 2 of the songs we brought this afternoon (in slightly different arrangements) which I loved a lot: the powerful accusation of children as victims of wars and violence contrasted with the Bolivian joy & pride of Viva Santa Cruz :)

"Pour les enfants"

"Viva Santa Cruz"


Brian Miller said…
very cool sounding song...i dont know french but it sure flows off the it went well?
Goofball said…
@Brian: yes it went well. There was a good turnout and after the concert we were able to hold our reception outside which was nice.

I think you'd like the French song so here's a quick & rusty translation

Yves Duteil (France) Yves Duteil (France)

For children of the world who have no hope, I have a prayer to all the masters of the earth .

For every child who disappears, it is the universe that draws a line
through a hope for the future, through being able to belong to us

I have seen children go, smiling and a light heart, towards death and paradise that adults had promised

But when they jumped on the mines
a Mozart was being murdered. If Happiness is at such price, what hell is feeding it?

And how long silence and darkness will we pay to erase the memories of their history?

What will, what gospel
What hand blind or stupid may condemn such innocence in so many tears and suffering?

The fear, hatred and violence set fire to their childhood. Their paths are bristling of misery and barbed wire

Can you convince a dictator to hear his heart beat a little?
Can we hope for a president who cries from time to time?

For children of the world who have no voice to cry, I have a prayer
to all the Masters of the Earth

In your sleep induced by sleeping pills where you sleep with open eyes, leave a breath for a moment
to hear the magic of your children's hearts
Since it is known around the world make peace for a few seconds in the name of the Father and for Christmas that truce is eternal

That it keeps quiet forever the bitterness and that it soothes the hearts from revenge and cruelty
until the end of eternity

I have not the shadow of a power but my heart is filled with hope
and with songs for today that are hymns to life

And in ghettos, in slums from the heart of the century of exile, there are voices everywhere that make people rise up when singing.

You can close your borders, lock your ports and your rivers.
But the songs travel on foot, secretly in hearts closed

It are the mothers who learn
their children taking them over
They will eventually burst under the sky of freedom.

For children of the world.
zusjesenzo said…
Dat eerste liedje ken ik en is echt heel mooi. Tof van dat mooie weer ook hè, een receptie buiten is toch altijd een pak leuker.

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