Made in Belgium: Girls in Hawaii

Girls in Hawaii was one of the bands that got recommended to me by a French speaking friend. Together with Ghinzu they are not totally unknown in Flanders (after winning a demo poll for Studio Brussel) but they weren't exactly a wide spread commercial success either. Nevertheless they are wildly popular in Wallonia and quite successful in other European countries. Their first album was even released in the USA. They were on my list to check out later on.

The band came in the news last week in a very tragic way: their drummer Denis Wielemans passed away after a car crash in one of the tunnels in Brussels. He was 28 years.

This sad event made me check out their music a bit earlier than I had scheduled. It's more calm than I had expected. Maybe the band name had given me images of wild & energetic beach parties but this seems more music that would fit a long relaxing drive through the country side. Not bad, but not sure if I'd listen to an entire album at once. Maybe I don't know them well enough yet.


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