Made in Belgium: 't Hof van Commerce

In a small country like Belgium we're blessed with a lot of dialects enabling us to determine a person's hometown/region by his or her accent & vocabulary. Due to the school education, people moving around & commuting to the bigger cities, currently the true dialects are all more and more blending into one general Flemish accent. In the most Western & Eastern regions the strongest dialects still survive, to the extent that other people can sometimes hardly understand what they are saying. People who have grown up there can often hardly conceal their accent even when they try, although Jan is an exception to that rule.

't Hof Van Commerce is a succesful hiphop band from Izegem rapping in their own dialect. Don't worry if you don't understand a word of it....most of the Belgians don't :D.
Nevertheless I think "Totentrekkerie" is one of the most brilliant words. Haha I love it.
"Tote" is face in Westvlaams ...the word can be translated literaly as making faces and should be interpreted as being fake.


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