A relax day in Zeeland

"Pfff so much activity already", a man in a white bathrobe sighs when he emerges on the deck of his boat and while he sits down to smoke a cigarette he continues to stare at us as the divers set up their gear.

It is true that 't Koepeltje , a well-known dive site at the Grevelingen lake in Zeeland was still extremely calm at 10 AM.

Despite the sun the cold strong wind made it rather unpleasant to sit at the beach but we found a protected spot near a small dune where we could set-up our tents and camp out a bit.

Laying in the sun with a good book made me not feel so bad about not being allowed to dive yet as the surgery wound isn't fully recovered yet. But it was a quite relaxing fun day and by the sight of my glowing red cheeks I've clearly underestimated that sun in the wind.

BBQ and neoprene....a good combination.


oker said…
Oh zalig... nu ben je zo typisch een van die Belgen waar wij vroeger niets van moesten hebben. Niets persoonlijks hoor, die rare Zeeuwen zeuren net zo hard over Duitsers :)
Goofball said…
@oker: alé alé, we doen net zo hard ons best om de horeca in Zierikzee te ondersteunen iedere keer dat we passeren ;-)

maar op die Duitse campers hebben we vorige keer ook hard gevloekt, ....die keerden na een lang weekend allemaal net terug wat grote file veroorzaakte.

En maak je geen zorgen hoor, wij vloeken heel hard op alle Nederlanders in Antwerpen of in de Ardennen en da's ook niet persoonlijk :D
Brian Miller said…
so you got to go diving? nice...things must be looking up...
Goofball said…
@Brian: I'm 90% back ok but the wound is not fully closed so I'm not quite allowed to dive yet. And I'm still sitting on a special type of pillow. I was reading a book on the beach as I wrote.

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