Birth (...over koetjes en kalfjes)

Those young cows in the field next doors were joined by a cow that looked like a giant compared to them. We speculated why the farmer would have put the cow among the youth...would she be sick? or pregnant? There was no obvious bulging belly but it's not like we are experts on cow pregnancies.

Yesterday she was all of a sudden deserted by the youth and she wobbled a bit solo in the field and was often laying down.

And then I saw her tail up and long slimes coming out her ass......she was in labor!

A cow in labor just next to our garden, what an event for a city girl like me. Jan assured me that it could take quite a while since she was still walking around and we believed that the farmer would surely show up soon. And so we continued our dinner.

But I couldn't keep myself from peeking outside , checking on the cow that I sympathized with now. How was the big girl doing on her own there? She was laying down now and her back was moving up & down. When was the farmer going to come? Do cows still deliver a lot of calves on their own or isn't there usually human aid around?

Hmm false alarm, she was standing up again.

"The calve is born! Look there's something laying down, she's pushing it" Jan said.
And yes, it was. Mother was mowing frantically while pushing her mouth on a little pile against the hedge while the bulls on the other side of the hedge joined in the mowing concerto. And the little pile against the hedge sometimes moved without getting pushed as well.

Jan thought a calve has to get up its feet within minutes so when the mowing and licking and pushing went on and on and on and on I was standing on my tiptoes on the balcony. "Come on, come on, get up little one" I murmured nervously. Would the first birth I witness in my life end up in death?

As it was getting dark & cold and the situation didn't change, I went back inside without much optimism. I couldn't help googling my ignorance and searching in how much time a calve should be up on its feet.

After an hour while peeking in the dark again I thought I could see 2 heads moving in the air at 2 levels. The mowing and nervous gestures had stopped and now I thought I could see 8 legs calmly moving around in the field. Aaah good, this excited city girl could go to bed now :p

(much too my disappointment, the farmer had moved them inside during the night so I didn't get to see the fresh one by daylight yet).


Lilacspecs said…
Cool, sounds like you're getting to see some cool things in/around your new place!
Brian Miller said…
what an amazing thing to very cool! i grew up in the sticks so yep seen it...
Kat said…
Wow! I would LOVE to see a calf being born! Did you see the Swedish cow wash video I posted on Facebook yesterday?
Ellen said…
that's awesome that you got to witness that! It's pretty amazing, I remember witnessing the same thing as a teenager (we had cows on our farm at the time)

PS. your renos are looking fabulous!

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