Facts & figures today

  • Wallpaper removed on 2,5 walls
  • Temperature outside while I was playing with a steaming tool: 30C
  • Average number of layers of wall paper on a wall : 2 - 3 (not including the styrofoam tiles on top of all)
  • Number of wooden beams (on top of the disgusting styrofoam tiles) taken down: 4
  • Number of walls with new fibre paper (ready for painting) : 4 + 1 ceiling
  • Height of grass in garden before cutting : 75cm
  • Grass cut short in 1 garden
  • Weight that our arms feel tonight : 50 kg
  • Attention span of the young playfull neighbour cat : 2 seconds
  • Number of (imaginary) insects she sees constantly to jump at : 100
  • Number of times we saw a young bull in the prairie charge at the provoking cat : 2
  • Number of people that are going to sleep soooooo well tonight: 2

sleep well :)


Snooker said…
The best prescription for a good nights sleep... hard work during the day.

When it is all said and done, it will be YOURS!! YEA!
Jenn said…
Yikes, that sounds like lots of work (and one crazy cat).

Hope you are enjoying the country house.


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