How I'm spending my vacation

I'm a bit quiet online lately because I'm on vacation.

I've always heard that one must take a vacation quite opposite to his daily activities. Since I work in an office, some physical work in the country side could do me well. And so we amuse ourselves by transforming our new vacation place slowly into ours. It's a lot of hard & exhausting work, demanding our our muscles , but yet very motivating to see the changes take place.

some before & after pictures as requested by Zusjesenzo:

The grassland in front that slowly returns towards civilization


Before: the smoked out, in styrofoam + multiple layers of wallpaper covered living room

Ongoing: a week's progress of uncovering layer of layer paper.

Before: a styrofoam /faded wallpaper covered bedroom


Bedroom waiting for its finishing touch


zusjesenzo said…
Echt indrukwekkend hoeveel werk jullie al verricht hebben! De voldoening zal wel enorm zijn bij elk stukje dat julie weer bewoonbaar maken. Veel succes nog en bedankt voor de fotoootjes, zo speciaal voor mij :-) (ik zie dat echt enorm graag, zo'n voor en na's)
Ellen said…
Wow! It sounded like a lot of work, but it looks like even more! Glad you are taking pictures of your progress :)
Brian Miller said…
looks like you had quite a bit of work to do...but coming along nicely!

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