Made in Belgium: Zornik

When I moved to my current desk 2 years ago I moved the old project radio along as nobody claimed it. Since then it's been almost none stop tuned into Studio Brussel. I remember one song coming back and back and back that summer: Backseat by Zornik. I liked its mixture of power & mesmerizing sound in the background. Slowly I became aware of the previous music of Zornik that I had known all along but never linked to this group and also noticed their omnipresence on all Belgian summer festival billboards.

But then it became quiet around Zornik for a self-claimed break. But now they are back with Walk and I welcome the powerful sound.

Walk - summer 2010

Backseat - summer 2007

Black Hope Shot down - 2007

Scared of yourself - 2004


Kat Mortensen said…
That guy singing the "Backseat" song is kind of cute - reminds me of the lead singer of Duran Duran. I like the music too - very 80s sounding.

I better go - we've got thunderstorms going on outside.


I commented on some posts below too.
Brian Miller said…
i like the feel of this some great beats and rifts...his voice playe well with the music as well...
It *is* very 80s sounding. Love it! Thx!
Snooker said…
Ahhh... very nice.
I especially like "Scared of Yourself".
Thanks for the introduction.

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