Too old for ?

The creative Kathleen from Verbeelding tagged me 2 weeks ago (oops time flies) with this meme:

"It doesn't matter how young or how old you are, we all do stuff that we are secretely too old for: stuff that we'd rather not want the others to know because they'd not consider it suitable for our age. So what are you too old for but what can't you stop doing because you like it that much?"

Hmmm tough question. Let me think...

I like to sit on swings. And I really believe that it's ok to be sitting on a swing as an adult, but it's just that

  • a lot of swings don't look as if they will succesfully carry our weight

  • the seat is usually so low that my feet always drag over the ground and make swinging back & forth up in the air impossible

  • the swings are usually occupied by little kiddies and I don't want to be rude as to take a spot when they want to play
Sometimes I still enjoy very much walking through a puddle instead of around it (given that I am wearing appropriate shoes at that moment).

I still love cuddling a teddy bear.

I love to rip the grass seeds through my fingers on the side of the road and throw them around

I'm still popping pimples if I get some

So that's what I came up on the top of my head.
How about you? Betsy, zusjesenzo, Allie and Snooker, consider yourself tagged!


Brian Miller said…
i still like to play in puddles as well...flip the swing once over the bar to raise it up too...smiles.
Jenn said…
All very good things. I'm not crazy about the puddles, but I do love swings as well. And I do pop pimples if I get them too.


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