Viva Espana!

We just got back from a long diving weekend in the Netherlands, just in time to go downtown in Leuven to watch the world cup final. We couldn't stay that long in Zeeland to watch there, which surely must have been an unforgettable experience.

But we headed to the old market square with some Dutch/Belgian friends who were completely dressed in orange instead. As expected a good crowd had gathered in front of the many many pubs and there were clear "Dutch" and " Spanish" zones although the Dutch were sure more visible with their many orange attributes.

The Orange fans

Spain scored

It was fun!

And amazingly, ...Paul the octopus has made the right prediction once again! Weird. So I think the Belgians should urgently start training Paul in order to ensure he picks the Belgian mussels in 2 years for the European Championship. Maybe we have a chance again in that case.


oker said…
Heee, je was in Goes, mijn home sweet hometown :)
Ik had er willen zijn, maar heb in Mechelen gekeken en de kater verwerkt.
oker said…
Sorry, ik zat op de fiets en wist ineens dat ik pure onzin had geschreven. Je was gewoon in Leuven...
Ik heb de laatste tijd in beide plaatsen veel tijd doorgebracht en nu lopen ze in m'n herinnering door elkaar. My mistake!
Goofball said…
@Oker: je bent wel helderziende, want ik kwam wel terug van 3 dagen kamperen in Goes met de duikclub :
toen je die comment schreef had ik niet eens door of ik Goes wel of niet vermeld had. Hoe grappig
Brian Miller said…
very cool. sounds like quite teh atmosphere...crazy stuff abt the octopus...been reading about him the last couple days...

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