Made in Belgium: K's Choice

There's some songs that will always activate some images in your mind. "Not an addict" triggers the vision of my high school class mates. I'm not sure if we've all been together to many parties but I see them dancing with their big combat boots and skinny jeans in the semi darkness.

K's Choice big international break through indeed matches my graduation year and "Not an addict" is still their biggest hit which I love the most. A few years later they were touring with Alanis Morissette. Nevertheless I've never followed K's Choice's career from close by since I get bored if I hear them too often. But I can't deny their music is part of my background and has contributed greatly to the Belgian musi scene.

When they took a break in 2003 because the siblings Sarah Bettens & Gert Bettens would each pursue a solo career, I wasn't exactly heart broken. To be honest, I've probably missed that announcement entirely. Whenever Sarah was back in Belgium (she lives with her girlfriend in Tennesee) she usually showed up in many tv talk shows so she was never out of sight even though her solo career wasn't as big as her successes with K's Choice had been.

Last summer Sarah & Gert and their musicians performed together again as K's Choice at the festival of Dranouter and they've launched a new CD last winter after having provided StuBru's "Music for life" campaign song.
Both released singles so far have been a hit so after a hiatus of 6 years, K's Choice is fully back.

Not an addict - 1995

Echo Mountain - 2010

Come live the life - 2010

Almost happy - 2000

Everything for free - 1998


Brian Miller said…
there is something rather hypnotic about her voice...
Lilacspecs said…
I love K's Choice. We saw them at Lokerse Feest this year.
Betsy said…
Wat jammer! Sony won't let me play the videos because they're "not available in my country" :-P

I like K's Choice, though. Have to agree with Brian that she's got a really hypnotic voice!

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