• After successfully placing a wooden floor in the living room & bedroom (and previously everywhere in Leuven), despite about 10 attempts to start over,   opening new packages of wood to assure we had not by accident a faulty board, remeasuring, ... But every time again after 2-3 rows, all of a sudden those boards didn't want to click together anymore. 

    I hope the little kid next doors wasn't playing on the drive way or he must be fluent in Dutch cursing by now.
  • Broadcast Bones year 3 episode 1  right the week after year 6 season finale....yeah that is not confusing at all.

  • All government negotiations in Belgium failed again.  Nope, apparently Bart De Wever can't realize what Leterme couldn't do either.  Tabula Rasa but those same parties are still condemned to govern together and we need a government and they've never been so close to a compromise before , so they'd better get their act together.
  • The Dutch seem to have a government without parliament majority but supported by an islamophobic political party. I pity them.

  • The Opel plant in Antwerp didn't find a take-over candidate so another automobile assemblage plant in Belgium (and it's suppliers) will close down. 

  • I've taken off my wedding ring to paint and forgot to put it back on again before we returned to Leuven. It feels so bare.

  • I knew I shouldn't take that last spot on the parking spot under the trees...but it was the last one available so what choice did I have. My optimism was in vain....aaaaah stupid pigeons.
  • I must have somehow cracked the joints of 2 fingers over the last weeks and now each time I put some pressure on them, they start hurting, sometimes a bit swollen and then it eases away again.  During the silliest actions eg taking my mobile out of my purse, I crack them again.  Pretty annoying


Brian Miller said…
ouch on the joints...

i like Bones!

gotta love pigeons...
Snooker said…
You know what you've learned? All the optimism in the world can't stop pigeon shit from missing its mark!

Sorry about the knuckles... When that happens to me I always wonder if I'm going to regret that when I get older.

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