About shovelling and very hungry birds

A pretty active snow front has covered Belgium/ The Netherlands/ France & Germany yesterday and in Eastern Belgium there's now about 40cms of snow. Fortunately there was no new showers this morning in the east of the country so we were spared from the traffic chaos elsewhere.

Our neighbours deserve a shovelling medal!

But the last bit was still untouched white territory for us to clear ...

Our back terrace where I had left 4 seedballs last Sunday looked like a war zone for food while all off them had been eaten completely.  Holy , 4 of them in one week? Looks like the terrace has been a pretty crowded place.


Kat Mortensen said…
Wow! It almost looks like Canada!

How nice of you to feed the hungry (ravenous) birds; those tracks are certainly evidence of a big group.

Snooker said…
Aww, how sweet of you to feed the birds. I'm sure they are thinking nice thoughts of you and wondering where more seedballs are.
Today I saw a woman throwing bread off of her balcony and about 20 pigeons fighting while flying for what she was giving.

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