Look who knocked on our door

The anticipation on presents and candy was big all afternoon, the activity rather hyper especially after a couple of false knocks on the door.

But finally Sinterklaas and 2 Zwarte Pieten arrived throwing cookies through the room and the noise got silent when Sinterklaas read out of his book. The kids sang some Sinterklaassongs rather reluctantly but were more enthusiastic when getting their candy and toys.  They hardly noticed when the Sint left again on his way to visit more children. He's still got a looooong night ahead of him.


Brian Miller said…
wow. what an amazing surprise visit...bet their eyes were sparkiling...
Allie said…
Ooohh ... I hope that he comes to our house tonight!! I will put shoes out just in case. ;)

Looks like a great time for everyone! Hope that you are getting that well deserved sleep tonight!! It was great chatting with you today.

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