Made in Belgium: Milow

Traditionally all Belgians (and Dutch) gather up in the week before Christmas for the charity campaign "Music For Live" where radio Studio Brussel DJ's lock themselves up in a glass studio house on a busy market square with only liquids to drink while presenting 24/24 while the rest of the country pays for music requests and come to announce a long series of "xxx for live" actions. Schools bake cookies, divers jump in the cold water 'dive for live', we break the world record 'quiz for live', choirs join up for street singing 'sing for live', politicians don't tweet a week 'for live', ...   I'm sure someone even farts "for live". Hey, if it gathers money for the red cross, that's fine for me!  I sure enjoy the solidarity feeling and the good music.

This year's theme song is brought by Milow, so a good moment to introduce this singer-songwriter.
He has only created his first CD in 2006 although it seems as if he's already been around for ages (discovering other talents such as Selah Sue...right Betsy  ;)) . He caught the world's attention by covering 50 cent's "Ayo technology" in his very own style which is actually some of the few covers that is way better than the original.  

I like Milow, as long as I don't hear him too often.  In the latter case , he gets too whiny and repetitive and since he's scored some tremendous hits , I do dare to change radio station when he gets airplay.  But hey, it's Music for Live this week, so I'm 'blogging Milow for live' :p

Never gonna stop - Music for live  campaign - dec 2010

Ayo Technology -

Ayo Technology - live - 2009

You don't know


Lilacspecs said…
Ah, we were listening to Studio Brussel at work the other night and I heard this song a few times and it sounded like Milow.
I do like his music quite a bit, although I think he needs to work on his lyrics, at least in English. But his voice and the melodies he sings are nice. I do agree that he can be whiny if he's played repetitively.
Brian Miller said…
nice...i enjoyed the listen as i was not familiar...

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