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With newspapers reporting constantly the increasing number of train delays in Belgium, I took a train 1 hour early as 10 min connection cannot be trusted.  However the big board announced my reserved train with a big +55m in red next to the arrival time. Ugh.  My ticket wasn't exchangable but I got the advice to ask the train conductor whether they'd allow me on the previous train (which would pass by more or less when my train should have taken off).   I had nothing to lose when asking and I won my seat :)

In the cold and dark I found myself a spot on a tram riding through Amsterdam, crossing the grachten towards my hotel room where I'd spend the rest of the night in a warm bed.

The next day filled with meeting people, shaking hands, discussing projected phrases over and over again and expressing opinions carefully and then wondering how these came across being impressed by the people represented around the table.

Squeezing in a big room overcrowded with people, in search for some familiar faces...of which were surprisingly more to be found than anticipated. Beers, dressed up directors, dancing, ...maybe the Dutch didn't completely exaggerate the reputation of their X-mas party. Not quite the party of the century, but too much fun to leave before it was over :p.

Waking up tired in a pouring city on my first day of my vacation, seeking a dry refuge in the Rijksmuseum.  You can always count me in for a round of gazing at old master pieces, checking out the little details on the paintings and eagerly trying to absorb all explaining texts.  Time flies when you're having fun but usually my feet tell me I've got to move on.

Despite the rain I started walking across the city with my trolley towards the train's a pity to be in a city as Amsterdam and only spend time inside.  After a few minutes the rain transformed into snow and the little bridges turned into slippery white challenges and my trolley pulled heavier all the time.  

It took a little too long to figure out how to get my train ticket and find the correct platform so I had to wait for the next train. While crossing the Dutch countryside, I could see the landscape getting profoundly white and the traffic slower and slower. Waiting at the hotel lobby for Jan to make it there until we could head together to his company's X-mas dinner.  More shaking hands, having a drink, dinner and socialising a bit more in the bar.

Waking up in another hotel room, even more tired, ready to drive home before the new snow would hit our roads. Home sweet home :)


Brian Miller said…
ha. yes it is always nice to gt home...sounds like quite the adventure

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