No hablo Espagnol

The last years we got a bit of a tradition to go diving in Egypt at the start of March but we won't be able to leave at that time of the year this time and even though the year is still young I really needed a break....and so we were about to book a diving trip to Egypt just when the turmoil there started.   And we watched the news day by day and only saw things getting more unstable. 

And so my dream to take my towel and board a nice clean boat to sun at the top deck, take a dive above the beautiful corals, eat a lovely southern lunch, nap a bit more in the sun, dive, nap, eat, dive, ....and relax all for a very good price, was evaporating.  Other dive destinations were either very far and/or very expensive and/or had crappy cold weather.

We changed our plans and we headed for a few days to a soft but dry place to eat tapas and stroll across plaza's and boulevards aligned with majestic buildings and gaze at the world's finest art until we looked cross-eyed in the Spanish capital.

Plaza Mayor

Plaza de la Villa

Palacio Real


Marcel Broothaers

El Retiro

Palacio de Cristal

El Lago di Retiro

Museo Nacional del Prado

But really I don't get a word when those Spanish start mumbling and hissing.


Korie said…
But you do understand arabic when you're in Egypt? :)
Anyway, bummer you had to change plans, but it still looks like a nice vacation!
yab said…
Ha, Madrid, toffe stad! Ik moet zeggen dat ik de uitspraak van het Spaans in Madrid ook moeilijker verstaanbaar vind dan dat in Barcelona. Maar je kan altijd "más despacio, por favor" zeggen, he.
Jenn said…
Great Pictures! Spain is on my list of places to go. Looks like you had lots of fun.

Goofball said…
@Lilacspecs: no but I can't read a single word arabic either whereas I can usually pick-up what a text is about when seeing it written based on my knowledge of French & Latin. So I would assume i'd pick up words when they are spoken as well. And I agree with Yab that it seems that in Barcelona and the costa's, I do understand the simple phrases but here I literally didn't understand anything.

@Jenn: always welcome in Belgium too, but can't guarentee you a Spanish sun here :)
Brian Miller said… lovely...another in the list of places i would love to visit!
Ellen said…
I LOVE your photos!! Too bad you couldn't go on the original trip but looks like you had a great time anyway :) I was amazed at how empty everything seemed (no crowds in the square or street). I'm glad you didn't attempt Egypt!

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