A hot Easter in the east of Belgium

Our family came to the Ardennes this weekend to celebrate Easter there with us.  My nephew was delighted to discover that the Easter Bells and the Easter bunny had also passed by our little weekend house and started to hunt for chocolate eggs immediately. And then checked the garden another 10 times after we had reassured that surely he must have found already all eggs available.

Belgium turned out to be the hottest spot of Europe this week, with temperatures almost reaching 30C's at some parts (fortunately the high Ardennes are a bit cooler) and landscapes that look drier and drier after all those weeks without rain. We took the opportunity for a big Easter family BBQ.

After lunch we digested by the same walk we had done last week along the Warche. The abundant sun had turned all fields in alpine meadows full of flowers. The massive amount of dandelions created yellow seas and some wild jasmine bushes smelled deliciously.

Afterwards we all deserved a nice big ice-cream and some rest :p

Late at night, with the help of some cool Ikea lamps, it was still very cosy outside


Brian Miller said…
we always deserve big ice cream...smiles. looks like you had a lot of fun...we had a great easter at the pond eating, fishing and running the rapids in the river...
fxox said…
Ahhh Ellen, looks Magical, I cant help but remember last Easter. hugs and smooches

love fXOOX

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