Beleuvenissen folk 2011

"If you've seen Branduardi already in Rome, you do not need to see him again".

We had headed downtown to go and see Beleuvenissen, theme night folk.  Our week had been extremely hectic so far so we settled for some dinner at the old market square, but inside given the threatening rain clouds.  During the meal we could hear Angelo Branduardi playing and I explained to Jan that we had in fact a CD in our closet from him and that my parents owned another one plus a cassette.   Hmm but CD's are nowadays just as impressive obsolete old technologies as cassette tapes and I could feel that Branduardi's songs didn't appeal very much to Jan. What a pitty, I do love this little funny Italian man with his remarkable big boll of grey curly hair. But I must say that his second set was different from his first and seemed a lot less energetic and passionate.  The fact that he seemed to be wearing a sort of pyama tunique wasn't very appealing either, so we continued to check out the other performances elsewhere in the city.

At the Vismarkt Electric CĂ©illi, we heard Gaelic music that made my feet tap.  Much better than "Clochard" which we had quickly passed as they triggered the image of a plump unsophisticated humpa humpa party.

At the big market square very beautiful, fragile & fine tunes floated towards us. Especially the harp sounds made if very adequate for a child's nightstand tune. Fortunately Calan's next songs had a bit more rhythm and were more appealing to me.

Just before the end of the evening we still caught a glimpse of The Old Firm which brought jolly fun Irish sounds.


Brian Miller said…
oh this looks fun...

sorry could not chat quick hitting before dinner...smiles.

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