Made in Belgium: Channel Zero

I'm not a metal fan but I belive that they are very good in their style of music, so here's Brussel's Metallica:  "Channel Zero". When the succesfull group announced reunion concerts in 2010 they were immediately sold out and all reviews were extatic.  Much to the luck of the fans, they are now touring again, passing through Rock Werchter this year and the metal festival Graspop.

The reason they crossed my mind for this post, was a little element in a daily summer show where a celeb's mom gets to visit her sun/daughter on the job.  It was so cute to see Channel Zero's mom visit Rock Werchter backstage and hang around these tough guys.

Help - live at Marktrock in Leuven 2008

Fool's parade

Black Fuel


Brian Miller said…
oh you are right up my alley this week...really enjoyed these...

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