Biking near the F1

One of my German relatives works for a grand prix travel agency and therefore can always be found near the Belgian F1 race circuit of Spa-Francorchamps at the end of August. And that happens to be nearby our place (with a good westwind we enjoy all the race sounds just by opening our door).

Since she's on duty part of the day and came by bus with a group of customers and since we'd have difficulty getting our own car near the circuit entrances without being guided around, we parked in one of the villages nearby and bridged the last kilometers by bike in order to meet her.

I didn't quite conquer the long 8% climb to the Francorchamps village itself and some car fans thought my sweaty red face was quite amusing. But if also found it rather amusing to cruise my bike through F1 memorablia selling stands and people with Ferrari T-shirts with the loud sound of race cars nearby whose fumes were noticable.  We got there fine and it was good to hang out for a while with my family.

And going back we took the Ravel (old railroads turned into bike roads) with a very gradual climb which was just lovely.  Another drink in the pittoresque little village was the reward of a lovely afternoon.


Brian Miller said…
what, no pics of the race cars? smiles. man, you have fun on the weekends...

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