Dear uncle Lucien,

You looked so fragile and silent when I just visited you.  This is not how I remember you.  As a little kid I was a little bit intimidated by your nice straight posture and your accent mixing the Flemish I was used to hear around me with some Brussels influences and your specific favourite expressions. You loved telling stories about the many people that crossed your path each day and your big smile & laughing eyes accompanied those little stories. When you knew we were coming, you kept guard at the window, checking the free parking spots down in the street and as we pulled into the street you were signalling where to park. As a true gentleman you always escorted us back down the staircase to the car.  When I was working crazy overtime during a project in Brussels, my mom and you arranged that I should not drive home anymore late at night but I was welcomed at your home to get pampered there.

You looked so fragile and silent when I just visited you. But I'll remember your tremendous courage and your love for your family that enabled you to fight for so long against all odds. When you were in pain, you wanted to know how our vacation had been or you told us the funny things your little great-grandchild had just said that morning.  When you moved to a different hospital department a few weeks ago, you invited us to come & visit your new room.

Now you've just made your last move to your final destination. Rest in peace, uncle, you do not need to fight anymore. We will miss you very much.


Korie said…
Very sorry for your loss.
Brian Miller said…
i am sorry for your loss...sad
Betsy said…
Wow, beautiful post. Am so sorry for your loss! Hugs.

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