Made in Belgium: Adamo

After the 2nd World War, Belgium welcomed a lot of of Italian workers to work in our coal mines and help restore our country in an organised and structured immigration wave. Salvatore Adamo immigrated as a 3 year old boy with his parents from Sicily to a mine region in Wallonia.

Salvatore started participating in music contests as a teenager and brought out his first single in 1961. He was immediately very succesful in Belgium and the surrounding countries, particularly in France as well. Now all these songs are classics that belong to our musical heritage although Adamo is still performing alive and kicking as a living legend. He got many awards for his life-time career and carries the title of knight.

Tombe la neige performed in 2006 for Japanese television - 1964

Vous permetez Monsieur - 1964

Dolce Paola- A song he wrote for the young Princess Paola who arrived from Italy to marry a Belgian prince and brought the Italian flair to our country.  Paolo is since 1993 the queen of Belgium.

C'est ma vie - 1976


Les filles au bord de mer -1965

(by the way, Arno's modern version you can here in this post)


Brian Miller said…
ok, not my cup of tea but i can appreciate the music...

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