More walks in the east of Belgium

Expecting and getting sad news when you're having guests over for a long weekend is both a curse and a blessing. You desperately try to constraint your emotions not to spoil the atmosphere, although they would understand but you're still very restrained to react... and yet they do give you the much needed distraction . And the quietness & beauty of the around nature was helpfull to clear my mind a bit and find silence & peace.  

The Ovifat red ski-hill slope in the summer

The Baheyon river

Baheyon waterfall  (stronger than in dry period)

Rocher de Falize

Croix de Prieur

Destroyed infrastructure from the April fire

At Belgium's highest point

Robertville lake


Betsy said…
I'm so sorry about your sad news. Sending you a big hug.
Brian Miller said…
see now that would be just the thing to clear my head..a long walk...very pretty red squirrel...

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