GP 'Poeske' Scherens

Leuven kermis started again last weekend with all its attractions and flower carpet, etc... And a good traditional kermis also has a cycling race "around the church tower" as we tend to say. Well the GP Jef Scherens is more than an ordinary local kermis race but is a UCI 1.1 one-day classic where the cyclers from several international teams turn 13 times around the circuit making a total 183 kms. The winner was Jérôme Pineau (FRA, Quickstep Cycling Team).

The race traditionally passes by our door but when the rain stopped we decided to start walking along a big part of the circuit....with the racers coming by all the time :) as well as the famous "Rodania" cars at the start of any cycling race, yet they had replaced their famous jingle with Flemisch schager music. Ugh.


Brian Miller said…
nice...have never seen a bike race...took in some nice sights though...probably would have caused me to wreck...smiles.
Virtualsprite said…
Wow... this is very cool! Great photos.

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