Di Rupo I

It took another couple of days before the 6 involved political parties had approved the negotiated agreement at their congresses and another 20h marathon negotiation to divide the different minister responsibilities over the parties...but we finally know our new government that will get sworn in tomorrow at 3PM.

How strange, we'll have to get used to the idea! A real government, gosh what will our neighbouring countries need to joke about now? We'll become so boringly normal again.

For the first time in my life-time, Belgium will be led by a Frenchspeaking prime minister: Elio Di Rupo. He had to promise to improve his knowledge of Dutch as that's quite a sensitive topic. The fact that he's the son of poor Italian immigrants and openly gay is not even important enough to get a lot of media coverage. Some things in our society are simply right ;)

And while the country was waiting for the final white smoke, the international press followed the shaving of Koen Filet. He's a well-known journalist, who (together with some other celebs) stopped shaving his beard out of protest for the lack of progress in the government negitiations.


Virtualsprite said…
This is wonderful news! Congratulations! Also, I'm very jealous that your society does not feel the need to obsess over sexual orientation and religion. It's one of the things I really don't like about America.
Brian Miller said…
yay! makes me wonder what you are in store for now...haha

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