coldest night of the year?

"Siberian cold" was a newspaper title at the start of this week.  Ha, I'm sure our Russian neighbours would love to come and enjoy our "spring".  Last week I posted a picture of a -5 temperature sign complaining and I only got one Canadian remark : guys, you've disappointed me ;)

Nevertheless, these are temperatures are rare for us.   -5 to -19 with a wind that indeed comes from the direction of Siberia in a sea climate: yes, we promptly forget about our government and concentrate all our social talk on the freezing temperature, while we pull our scarf a bit tighter. Shamefully we get our yearly burst of attention to the homeless and lack of shelter while we'll soon forget them again once the temperatures are not so dramatic anymore. And in the mean time skate sales are booming in the Netherlands.

I notice that I need each morning to squeeze out all my last bit of motivation to dare to venture outside my little nest in the morning, into the very hostile world.


Lilacspecs said…
All I have to say is that they aren't bothering to supply us with a working heater in the kiosk this year. Makes work fairly torturous (and probably illegal).
I did my good deed for the month and bought the guy I always see begging outside our neighbourhood GB a fleece blanket. Although I admit that I bought it more cause I'm worried about his dog freezing to death than him.
Brian Miller said…
oo stay is 64 rather mild here...just saying...smiles.

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