Why an itchy foot is good right now

My feet and neck or my belly or ... are itching right now. Pretty awesome since I can scratch my foot or neck or belly.  And that helps distract me from the itch elsewhere where I can't scratch.  Because scratching stiches is probably not a very good idea.

At the end of last week I got a mole removed which I've found suspicious for a long time, because it's definately  not a 'birth mark'. I can remember a time without it.   Dermatologists had reassured me several times that it looked very innocent, but I needed to hear that every so often again.  Additionally it often got irritated due to its location under the underwire of my bra which combined with some sweat in summer didn't turn out very comfortable at all.

So it's gone now and that feels good, even when the wound currently still itches & stings a bit now and then and I still need to get the stitches out over a week or so. At least I don't need to stalk the doctors anymore, pulling my shirt up to ask if they still were thinking this mole was fine. 


Autumn Leaf said…
Da's inderdaad een kopzorg minder. Nog even doorbijten met dat gejeuk en vooral de neiging om te krabben onderdrukken!
Brian Miller said…
glad you got it removed...that def gives a peace of mind....hope the itching goes away soon....

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