Design & old industry: a good match

The Zollverein domain was simply too big too explore it all 2 weeks ago, even though we had dedicated more than half a day to it. But one thing that Jan and I really both wanted to see was the Red dot design museum: a display of loads of products in all categories imaginable (even a coffin on display) that have won the Red dot design award in the previous years.

It was one parade of inspiration and dreams to decorate our house further.  Who wants to sponsor us?

Above our dinner table?

Art/Light above our seating area

Just a funny picture, not for our home though ;)

Other option above our dinner table?

This closet we already we can turn the doors into loudspeakers. yeay, cool.

Plants & art combined ....for the dinner wall near our (green) kitchen?


Brian Miller said…
wow some really cool art...very industrial...i like that first light and the living art...

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