It is a new place

  • New windows: check
  • Electricity ready to be approved with renewed earthing system: check
  • 3 car loads of renovation thrash sorted and taken away to container park: check
  • Wooden floor in guest room and hall way: check
  • Duplicate & unnecessary ugly fencing removed: check
  • Wooden beams sorted in shed that was now empty since renovation trash was gone: check
  • House cleaned: check
  • New windows cleaned: check

We're a little bit sore and tired now.   But here's some before and after pictures

The hallway floor

 Guest room before with old window and old floor

 Bathroom: before painting and old window and now the new window


zusjesenzo said…
Amai... we zullen dat toch nog eens in het echt moeten komen checken he ;-)
Brian Miller said…
wow nicely guys have done a lot of hard work...and looks great...
Jenny Woolf said…
I'm very impressed. You can come and do our house now :D

Things here are beginning to reach a stage where a blitz is the only answer.

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