I was so generous to share my cold virusses with Jan (just those for the cold, not the flu). So when we arrived in the Ardennes (via Oost-Vlaanderen for a brief visit to my parents and Jan's sister) we both crashed in the sofa, sniffing and with painful sinusses. After constantly dozing off in front of the tv, we slept for over 12 hours and then spent another lazy Sunday morning in pyama.  I really needed that to catch up more energy after my first 2 days back at work after my flu attack.While all of Belgium was twittering their first spring vibes , we also ventured out for just a small walk around a nearby village.   That was enough exercise for this week.

A nice snack out of my in-law's bakery

Spring is coming, also in the Ardennes

find the red squirrel in the picture


Brian Miller said…
nice...i know if felt good to get some fresh air...i hope jan is feeling better now...

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