The last week Spring has burst open and in a sense of over achievement rushed towards an early summer. Out of nowhere we all seemed to crawl out of our winter hidings to walk the streets, fill the terrasses, show off our still transparent white legs and make the city center buzzing with activity.  That first sun and first warmth feels so glorious!

Last Monday I stayed in the Ardennes to work there from 'home' to allow the electricians to finish their work. Somehow I ended up sitting with my back to the field and worked ignoring the cows that were let into the field for the first time after winter, acting totally goofy.   I also ignored the slimey ass of one of them since that's simply not something you'd want to zoom in on.
But then later on in the afternoon there was suddenly a giant bloody slimey membrane in the field behind me.  Did I seriously miss another calf being born just behind me? I somehow didn't expect new life in the field so soon in the year, but I guess spring couldn't wait anymore. Booohoooo, a cute little calf that could nowhere get spotted because usually the farmer wheels it away quite quickly.

At work Spring is in the air as well. On the roof terrace in Amsterdam, in one of the big plants, ...just a few meters of the smokers,...if you look really well because you wouldn't notice immediately , ...there's a mommy duck breeding. Apparently she uses this terrace as a yearly creche. Hah...Heineken cares for ducklins :)

(sorry for unclear pictures....didn't want to stress mommy too much by approaching to closely).

City park Leuven

At the city center, everyone was enjoying the sun outside.   So so great  and yet so shocking to then all of a sudden walk by flags downtown that are still all flying halfmast.  And then I must remember that where now a young couple is french kissing at the entrance stairs of the church, yesterday was a internationally broadcast of the funeral for 7 young children whose life ended too abruptly.  Despite the irritation over the media overload and the unproportional attention to the international dignitaries present at all memorial services,  the images of the many coffins, the sounds of the church bells , the many sympathising people sharing the sorrow, the texts read out at the services in Lommel & Leuven  are hard to forget and are still giving chills.

And I must think of all people that cannot enjoy this lovely spring due to health issues, grief, ...How many lifes weren't meant to be? How many people are fighting disease now and are struggling.   All of a sudden the sun seems a little less warm.


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