Wijvenweek: the beautyqueen hidden deeply most of the time

It's fun to stroll slowly through the beauty department of a super market....all those beautiful colorful shower gel bottles with such nice promised smells just make you wish you could try them all out.   And make-up....all those colors & promising effects. Ah I'm sensitive for all those promo messages that make me dream of the sophisticated beauty queen I could be with perfect smooth soft skin, radient smile and elegant make-up. I get convinced that I'd love to pamper myself with some beauty products.  So now and then I get seduced to buying some sweet smelling creme or a funky little nail polish bottle or ... Getting in a new hotel is always exciting to see which beauty products they offer to use....some have really cool products that I cannot find elsewhere. By the way, does anyone know where they sell Rituals shower gel with rice milk & figs? (they don't in the Rituals stores in Belgium where they claim such variant doesn't exist....although I have a hotel sample at home to proof they are wrong !) 

Fortunately I don't end up buying these products too often since I basically never use them. (shower gel & shampoo & deo don't apply to that former statement, just for clarification).  Most day cremes, make-up , peelings, .... irritate my allergy prone skin.  Additionally I never manage to get out of bed in time , to spend a lot of time in the bathroom in the morning  and once fatigue hits me in the evening, my brain shuts down and I walk like a zombie straight too bed.  Taking off make-up & cleansing my face isn't quite something I think off at that moment. In all honesty, I check the mirror often enough during a day, being a little obsessed with the evolution of acne hidden under my bangs, but taking care of my skin when I should do it seems a challenge.

And so it happens that recently someone looked at one of my pictures and asked "huh, were you wearing make-up in that picture?".  Clearly the non-make-up me has become the default me. When I just started my professional career I put on make-up to make me look more mature & professional, but I've left that concern behind me and avoiding allergies has become a more important driver.
At least it's pretty easy to dress up for a party: a bit of mascara & lipstick and I am an instant beauty queen compared to my day-to-day look. If I really want to go all the way, I even put on foundation and some gloss.  And I really love it at those moments. I love to add that finishing touch now and then....just not every day anymore. There's just one thing I really can't use and that is nail polish...it always looks as if I dipped my fingers directly in the bottle rather than using the brush.  Putting nail polish on is only possible with a transparent glossy color. And on my toe nails: those demand some fun color when wearing sandals in the summer. Ha, I do have some pride!


Brian Miller said…
hey if you can go without make up all the better...and i am glad you use deo & soap...smiles.

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