Wijvenweek: self-censorship

Day 5 of Wijvenweek is about self-censorship.    Yikes.   I apply self-censorship very often on this blog  and why would I all of a sudden publish the things I'd never want to get published here?

I do admire other bloggers than seem to have no issue to talk openly over their struggles, hopes & aspirations, issues, ... It makes their blogs so genuine, recognisable and interesting to read.  I realise that censuring makes my blog way more trivial when I post for the 100th time pictures of a walk in the woods.  And it gives a more positive image of my life as it's often negativity that I keep out:  worries about (serious) health problems of friends & relatives, professional doubts & frustrations, discussions with Jan, embarrasing situations, ....all of this is part of my daily life but not part of this blog.
I also have become more hesitant to post fun happy posts where children of friends and relatives are openly featured, since I know that the parents might not always be happy about that.

Sometimes I wish I could share more, ask for feedback, write it out of my system, get hopefully some supportive comments from online readers.  But I can't. I simply can't. Some weeks I simply refrain myself to some quick pictures and a neutral music post if I don't find the words to write anything else. I am convinced one should share negative comments on your employer on a blog if I would have any. I also don't think it is appropriate to discuss someone else's health issues on my blog (even if they are not necessarily readers).  Neither should I share fights in a moment of anger as I might regret it later.  The fact that I use an alias does not change anything to that.  And to write down controversial opinions , ...I fear too much to get offensive reactions back : I honestly would not know how to deal with them. Plus I'm convinced that the truth is not black or white but grey but I'm too lazy to research all aspects thouroughly to write them down well balanced.

So there it is...my blog will remain as trivial as it is  ...with lots of sharing of weekend walks, renovations, vacation pictures and fun activities.   Just know that you'll never truly know me entirely by just reading this blog. I use self-censorship  and that will remain so.


Anonymous said…

"To censure" is blaming, finding fault with, or condemning as wrong.

"Sensorship" is something to do sensors, e.g. the things that measure light or acceleration in your phone.

I think the word you're looking for is self-censorship.
Goofball said…
@anonymous: thanks for the hint. I struggled for good translations, but I tried to correct it now.

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