Wijvenweek: Dreams dreams dreams

I was still sound asleep when my alarm sounded abruptly.  My ritual snooze simply continued the dream . Weird dream I realised a bit later.  I'd go for several days on a trip with 2 of my best friends to a tiny village in Zeeland (southern Dutch province, just across the border).  Funny enough afterwards I had promised to go with another friend and she insisted to go to the next village in Zeeland and finally Jan was planning a get-away to ...yes Zeeland. So I was frustrated that all of them would want to go to Zeeland and I'd spend there almost a month in villages where there's truly not enough to keep you busy for that long. And I was frantically searching the internet for musea, walking trails etc  to find some interesting things to do.

When I woke up , I realised that long vacations in Zeeland are clearly  not my dream :p.   But what puzzled me is why i'd dream such a weird thing.  On the rare occasions that I remember my dreams, all of them are always so bizar. I regret that I don't remember more of then as I find it utterly fascinating to see which associations & connections my brain makes when I'm asleep. How do I come up with that stuff? Why?

How about you?


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