Wijvenweek: Guilty pleasures and little weaknesses

  • In a female blogging week, I immediately think of chocolate when I see the title "guilty pleasures". It is my assumption that in most posts today, chocolate is featured.  Ha, all of you who know me , know that doesn't fit for me. I am probably the weirdest Belgian, but I hate chocolate. Yikes, the smell, Yikes, the taste. Bleh. Didn't eat it as a kid and still hate it.

    But replace chocolate (and any other sweets, deserts, cookies,...that type of stuff) by peanuts and chips and I am totally lost.  You can absolutely bribe me with chips & nachos.  If they'd hang hidden camera's at receptions, you might see me going to "the toilet" a couple of times, always passing by that empty reception table with the untouched bowl of potato chips.   Or I'll go and say hi to some friends a bit further...who happen to have totally by coincidence a bigger portion of chips.
  • I already mentioned yesterday that I do have more acne than I had ever hoped to have at my age (pooh what an illusion I had as a teenager that those pimples would disappear with adulthood. Yeah right, I wish).  But I find it utterly relaxing and mind-clearing to post myself in front of the mirror for a while and push & mess with black points and growing pimples.  The concentration it takes to check out my skin actually helps me to relax & forget about other things that were racing through my mind. And then afterwards I curse, because I usually make my acne problem bigger than it was before.
  • Years ago Jan was working abroad on most working days and I woke myself up with breakfast with the tv on.  They used to broadcast "The Bold & Beautiful" during a practical time at that time and I must honestly admit that I used to enjoy the adventures of Ridge who marries alternatively with Brooke or Taylor .   Now, when I have a day off or I am sick at home or so, I sometimes catch it again in the middle of the afternoon.  Funny how you can still keep track of the stories even if you only see one episode every 3-4 months. Very practical ;)

    I also love to sneek at the tabloid titles in the supermarket, walking slowly by the book stands...or read some of the gossip while standing in line at the fries store. I also love to click & read the celeb sections of the online newspapers.
  • I find it important to sit together for meals at the table and spend time together. But when I'm home alone, sitting at the table is so boring & lonesome. It's much nicer to camp in the sofa in front of tv & laptop and quickly chew down my meal with one eye on the tv and the other on social feeds.
  • I am really not good at listening for a long time to someone.  I prefer chat conversations because at least you can look up, quickly pick up another message on tv or on the screen and then simply join back into the conversation.   But a long oral conversation, especially at the telephone is so difficult not to lose the concentration. Due to social media, I also get more and more frustrated by people that e-mail me.  That seems to have become the medium for work or family that does not use social media.
  • I love the snooze button of my alarm clock. I love & use it up to ridiculous proportions since I need to set my alarm a lot earlier to allow for multiple snoozes.   Yet it caters for my need to slowly wake up and not do anything while slowly gaining consciousness. I cannot and will never get up immediately when my alarm goes off...even if I need to get up in the middle of the night (eg to leave on vacation) after only a few hours of sleep.  I hate immensly to be woken up by another human being....I carry a grudge for a long time if it happens.  How dare you interrupt my sleep? At least you can't be angry at the alarm clock you've set yourself .   While the first half hour that i'm up, I try to avoid most conversations, I do love to catch up on what has happened on my social feeds.
  • I hate a messy or unclean house (it makes me resteless) but I absolutely hate cleaning (up).


Brian Miller said…
i think spending time together at meals is def important...i like chocolate with peanut butter but i eat it sparingly...i used to watch soap operas with my aunt after school...and do wash your hands after acne crushing...smiles.
Jenn Taylor said…
You are a very strange Belgian. Perhaps I should have been born in that country: I am the poster child for Chocolate Lovers.

By the way, hi.
Betsy said…
I really enjoyed reading this! :-)

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