Wijvenweek: I'm the multitasking superwife

I'm running 24h late with the Wijvenweek themes . But I hope you can forgive me. Friday, I've arranged the carpenter to come and replace 4 windows, while the electrician came to check the compliance of our electricity circuit  while I was checking budgets of several IT organisations.  Multitasking, it's easy.

Today I've pulled out a fence, cut wires, pulled out wooden beams and arranged them all in the shed, which I had cleared out before by driving off 3 cars full of plaster, cardboard, old wooden plates, glass tiles and metal sticks to the container park. In between I brought Jan some beer to reward him for the excellent job he was doing in putting in new floors. And then we cleaned the house so now I can sit and watch tv while I am posting this and glance quickly at my wordfeud screen but I don't have good letters to put down a good word.

But I'm ready for bed now because I have a busy week ahead, working at 3 different locations in 2 countries as usual as I commute between Belgium & Amsterdam since one year now. So I must remember to throw in some laundry before I'm heading north again.  And then next week I'll go and paint a room at my parent's home, since they are so impressed by all the renovations that Jan and I have accomplished ourselves, that they asked me for their help.

I'm quite proud of all the things I've accomplished, especially all the renovation works that we've done ourselves. How many wives can state that they've helped putting in the floorheating? Or plaster the walls?
Don't get my wrong: I can fill a blog with all the DIY mistakes we've made, but I hope you don't notice them so quickly.

Other than that, I'm not exactly the stereotypical super housewife, usually having a backlog in ironing, leaving the cooking to my husband and not being much of a cleaner.  But I'm proud to sometimes conciously leave the household chores aside and lazyly lay down in the sofa to relax in front of tv / laptop.  I've often seen how perfectionists have a never ending to do list and never find some rest. So I'm proud also to sometimes simply ignore the rest of my to do list. Because I find that important too. 


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