Easter walk

Unlike the hot Easter last year, we woke up with slightly freezing temperatures.  Spring has retreated its campaign a bit this week but this afternoon we found plenty of signs that it's still around.

After a delicious lamb Easter meal with my visiting family , we went to digest with a nice walk (mostly same as then) around the village  in and around the Warche valley.

Decending towards the Warche

The Warche
Wild daffodils on the old railroad side

Nearby obsolete railroad, soon to be transformed in an awesome smooth bikeway "Ravel"

Beautiful high beech (?) hedges, common wind breakers in the area

Valley of the Warche
Gorgeous spring


Jennifer Brown said…
Beautiful daffodils. Looks like a great walk and weekend.

Brian Miller said…
spring is....and a nice walk...refreshing...smiles.

any left over lamb? smiles.

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