Made in Belgium: Good Shape

This weekend it was a 90ies hitparade on the radio. Gosh what a flashback in time, back from my tween , teenage up to student years.  A long list full of bad taste and some really good hits.

Among the bad taste, I'd classify the many many boysbands for which I felt already too old and too mature to care. But Good Shape were boys from my own town, so I was told and that made it rather amusing.

More than 10 years later , they are all of a sudden hip again , part of the big 90ies revival. And I must say that I really have fun when 'Take my love' is played on the radio nowedays. After all that time, that songs gets better and better....because it is so wrong.

Take my love (original 1994)

Take my love (2008 remix with Regi)

Give me fire


Brian Miller said…
huh pretty fun the electronica beats...i can dance to that...the all white is a bit much but...ha

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